When people ask me what is the most exotic place I visited and photographed, I immediately remember Christie Gardens. in 2016 I was invited to come take some portraits in a nursing home on the memory ward floor where the residents have dementia. I was so moved by my experience, I moved in for a month. There, I made some new friends and made a kind of connection to people I had never made before. I'll post more about my experience living there but I wanted to leave this picture here for now. This is Catherine. She passed away a couple months after I took this picture. She was 100 years old. We really liked each other. Almost as much as she liked crossword puzzles, that no matter how much dementia effected her, she played them until she passed. 

In her hand is a copy of the short film I made about her. You can watch it here. I have more of them so if you really want to watch them, then contact me here.